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Call Back Services

One such opportunity is the offering of callback services. While in a typical call the caller dials the called party directly, in a callback scenario, a callback server dials the caller, obtains a destination number via an IVR script, dials that number and connects the call. Because of the reversed call path and utilization of VoIP technology, callback providers can save money and correspondingly can pass some of those savings in the form of lower prices to end-users.


How it works

Provide your customers with a unique way to make calls by implementing AllianzVoip’s callback solutions. AllianzVoip has developed a new line of CallBack VoIP products that enable users to make low-cost calls worldwide using any regular or mobile phone. Whether your customer call a local access number and hang up, send an SMS message, or use the web to place a Callback call, AllianzVoip will call back and connect the call to any phone number worldwide.

Web Callback

This solution allows your customers to initiate a call via web application. Simply trigger a call between two parties using regular or mobile phones on a time preference by accessing our Web Callback application online. Your customers enter the two telephone numbers they wish to connect, choose the time they will wish to speak. They will get a callback connected to their chosen number and time.
SMS Callback
AllianzVoIP SMS Callback solution allows mobile phone users to place calls worldwide using SMS messages. No computer or Internet is required to place premium quality, low cost international calls via AllianzVoip's  network.

Key Benefits

    • Sell prepaid phone card with your own brand name
    • Set your own rates
    • Low VoIP rates & high commission
    • Freedom from upfront capital expenditures
    • Support on the back-end (with retail rate management to streamline administration)
    • Greater customer satisfaction with choice of traditional prepaid phone cards.
    • Smooth and streamlined service management
    • Powerful information tools for customer care agents
    • Flexible rate matrix and billing features
    • Choice of language and greeting messages online account access, so you can view call details, order history, update account information, online recharge & much more…
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