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PC to Phone Solutions
PC to Phone Solutions Allianz Telecom provides Pc2phone solution with excellent features
& quality. We offer our Pc2phone application with customized branding so you can market this solution under your own private brarand and label ...
Call Back Services
Call Back Services One such opportunity is the offering of callback services. While in atypical call the caller dials the
called party directly, in a callback scenario, a callback server dials the caller, obtains a destination number via an IVR script ...
Calling Card Solutions
Calling Card Solutions Traditionally, the Telecom sector has been one of the most lucrative m
arket segments in both emerging and developed economies. But also traditionally, that sector has been protected by heavy local reg ...
Download Callshop Software
Download Free Allianz Call Shop Software
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Download Call Center Software
Download Free Allianz CallCenter Software
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Download PC2phone Softphone
Downlaod Free Allianz Pc2phone Software
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Call Shop/Cafe Solutions
Call Shop/Cafe Solutions AllianzVoIP Call Shop / Cafe solutions will enable people to make long distance
and international phone calls at considerably lower prices as compared to the PSTN. It is a lucrative business because of the low initial business ...
Call Center Solutions
Call Center Solutions AllianzVoip provides Call / Contact center solutions with free software, our hosted VoIP solutions help
upcoming Call / Contact centers gain with a huge reduction in initial capital expenditure. AllianzVoIP offers Domestic, International Local & Toll free DID numbers ...
A-Z Wholesale Termination
A-Z Wholesale Termination Allianz Telecom offers A-Z termination services and direct routes for Telecom operators, resellers and
companies. We offer competitive rates and superior quality calls from our next-generation network. So your calls are connected with best quality possible ...
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